Some of you will be reading this is in the early stage of starting a business, blog or social media account. You don’t have a following yet, but you are full of ideas and you are looking for the best way to get established.  Others will have invested a large amount of time and effort already. Writing posts, engaging, building your digital brand and you’ve reached a point where you don’t know what to do next. 

You might be considering a change in direction, you might feel your digital world no longer reflects who you are and where you are going or you might be feeling happy with what you have done so far, but are feeling a little exhausted and don’t know how to grow and move forwards.

In some ways already having a base is harder because you have invested so much, you don’t want to feel that has been wasted. I get that, I’ve been there too. 

A person at a computer planning their digital strategy for social mediaPhoto by William Iven on Unsplash
Toucan Grow Digital can provide support whether you are just starting out or just need a fresh look at your digital approach

Growing Your Digital Presence

The path to growth is different depending on your starting point but let’s start a new journey with a vision of what you want, what you are trying to achieve and then decide how best to achieve it.

Enjoy Your Digital World

A key theme to all the advice I give is to enjoy what you do. If you see creating content, engaging with others etc as a chore this journey is going to be a whole lot harder than if you find away to enjoy the process. Of course you can’t just click your fingers and change your mindset.

If you aren’t enjoying it think about why? Are you constantly pressurising yourself to grow? Are you comparing yourself to others and feeling inferior? Have you faced negativity that has made you doubt yourself? You can get passed all that and find a way to love it. If being on social media really isn’t for you, but you need it for your business why not take a step away from it all and use a social media manager to manage your accounts?

Finding The Best Approach For You Moving Forwards

I will be producing a series of posts on how to help you get this “aha” moment where you have clarity about where you are going, but as everyone’s aims and interests differ a 1 on 1 planning session is strongly recommended. I can offer sessions face to face, on zoom or by phone.

Toucan Grow Digital provide 3 types of session:

Vision: ideal for those feeling a bit lost and demotivated. In this session we will dig into what it is you want to do and create a high level road map.

Footpath: this session is for people who have a clear idea of what they want in the short to long term. We will talk through what you are currently doing, the success of those approaches on a high level and what to do going forward to meet these goals.

Ladder: this session will create an in-depth step by step plan of what to do over the next 3 months to move you towards your goal. It is ideal as a follow on from the Vision and Footpath sessions.