I absolutely love blogging and the flexibility it has given me over the last few years to earn a living, but what advice would I give to someone considering giving up their full time job to blog? “Don't do it!" Or at least not until you have thought very carefully. 

I have been blogging for over 10 years and in that time I have seen many people leave jobs to work on their blog full time, with mixed success. I have also seen many people who have decided that the right thing for them is to go back to work. A blog can earn the same amount or more than a traditional job, but the self employed life isn’t for everyone and it might be an idea not to give up your day job before you are absolutely sure you are ready.

I quit. What to think about before starting to blog full time
Is giving up your job to blog full time the right choice for you?

So what should you think about before you hand in your notice to blog full time?

Are there problems with your current job?

This is a key question because ultimately if you are really unhappy with your job or you are having problems making it work with your family or health then it is more worth the risk of leaving. If you current job is ok and is something you can stick with for the next year or so then make sure you are in a secure position before saying "see ya". 

How Dependent Are You On Your Income?

Ok we all need money to live, but what would happen if you made no money for a month? Not knowing when you're next going to receive any money can be stressful and it's a lot more pressure if there is no one to support you financially. Self employed income tends to fluctuate each month, but if a sudden drop in income means you wont be able to pay your bills then you shouldn't be giving up your job right now. 

It is less of a risk financially to hand in your notice and focus on your blog if you have a partner who can just about cover essentials if necessary, if you have very few bills (eg you don’t have to pay rent or mortgage) or you have savings. 

If you are dependent on your income I would suggest you meet at least one of the following criteria and ideally all 3, before handing in your notice:

  • have enough savings to cover at least 3 months bills. If for some reason you stop making money via your blog then this would give you enough time to find some form of income and get paid before you have major problems.
  • currently be earning the minimum amount you need each month from blogging (and have met that goal for the last 6 months) 
  • have some level of passive income from your blog which can support you if for some reason you can’t work eg due to illness.

How much are you earning now?

While you can expect your income from blogging to increase if you start to focus more time on your blog this isn’t guaranteed. It can take a while to make more contacts and get results from growing your content. Unless you are turning down well paid opportunities now because you don’t have the time then don’t expect to get lots more work just because you are more available.

What are you earning money from?

It is critical to have multiple income streams if you are going to have any level of financial security. If all your eggs are in one basket then it’s possible to lose it all overnight. It’s admittedly rare, but not unheard of, for people to lose their blogs (due to hacking or hosting issues) or for an Instagram account to be lost. If you only have one source of income what would you do if it vanished? If you diversify your income it gives you more of a safety net.  

It's not just extreme cases where you lose your social media or blog completely that might cause problems: if you are making money exclusively through SEO paid links then this income is at risk if your DA drops.  I would also argue that over the next few years this income stream will reduce for everyone so isn’t one to rely on. If you are earning money from affiliate links on one or two well performing posts then this is risky as other people’s posts might start to perform better than yours leaving you to lose traffic and clicks. If you are earning affiliate income from lots of posts and a few different affiliate platforms it is much more secure. 

Still want to quit?

If you have read my advice and you still want to blog full time: go for it. It takes a passion and commitment to make it work and it sounds like you have it. I find blogging a great and flexible way to earn a living. Many people earn a fortune from blogging and plenty more make a reasonable living, but it is a competitive market and you need to keep adapting and learning for the best chance of long term success. If the time isn't right straight away then make a plan, work on saving money for the next 6 months and grow your blog alongside your job. 

Whether right now is the best time to give up your day job or not, good luck and keep working on what you are passionate about.